Your new 4-star hotel in Fieberbrunn.


Kind of magic. Time and again, the magic of opposites gives rise to something new.

There is plenty of this stimulating contrast at homesuitehome****. This begins with the noun and continues with the omen. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves: "Home Sweet Home" is an ode to the magic of coming home. As a concept, it's over 200 years old. However, the vision of the 4-star hotel in Fieberbrunn is brand new. It is born from our passion for tireless hospitality.

We look forward to meeting you!
Petra and Andi Kainzner.


We’ll get to the point:

Our hotel is small, stylish, cosy and homely. 
And yet it’s still big enough to be your home for an entire holiday. 
It’s a place of possibilities, pleasures, feelings and experiences. 
We offer spaces to live in as well as oases to revive.
Add in a culinary living room where true culinary delights share space with a relaxing vibe.
This is a place of rich breakfasts...
And a trendy-groovy bar feeling.
For lunch or dinner, there’s a whole menu full of delicious delights in store. 
And yet the true "highlight" is the Roof-Top SPA, i.e. your perfect getaway. 
For it is here that the outdoor pool, heated year round to 33 degrees, beckons you to dive right in. 
Need even more inspiration? Try our panoramic relaxation room.
Or perhaps the Finnish and an organic herbal sauna is more your style...
Cap off the experience by relaxing on the roof-top terrace and cool off with a drink.
These are the ingredients of a true "homesuitehome."
This is holiday magic reimagined.

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